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So here's my (biased, subjective) reactions to them. Short version: I'm ambivalent at best re: non-camp (or insincere/self-conscious camp) live action Batman stuff.*

Batman: The Movie: This was essentially an extended episode of the tv series (with multiple villains in play) and I found it really fun to watch.

Batman (1989): I dislike Burton's approach (taking the camp stuff and making it grotesque). Also the Joker's in this way too much for my taste (and Nicholson's wasn't fun to watch like Romero's or creepily fascinating like Ledger's - I just wanted him off my screen).

Batman Returns: I kinda hated the non Catwoman parts of this. *wishes the whole movie could've been along the lines of this vid* Burton's style (especially re: main villains) really didn't grow on me. (...and er, maybe it's just me, but the Penguin's plan w/r/t first born children seemed kinda blood libel -ish?)

Batman Forever: I ironically love this movie (I think it captures the essence of the tv series with tone and art direction) and it doesn't take itself too seriously! I'm fond of Dr. Chase Meridian and I really like the theme of duality that runs through it (and that it has Bruce basically go 'screw that, I'm saving them both' when told he can only save Chase or Robin). I am somewhat uncomfortable with the Riddler's fate...

Batman & Robin: This wasn't nearly as good as the previous one, but I found it very entertaining to watch and delightfully campy! I really missed Chase (I'm disappointed that Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman didn't reprise their roles). Bruce's love interest Julie is rather forgettable (I had to look up her name) and she seems especially pasted on in this (she kinda comes across as more bead than love interest) I think I read someplace that her character was initially going to be fridged, so I'll take the pasted-on-ness ...although I wonder if it might have been better to cut her out altogether? I really enjoyed Poison Ivy, although I could've done without the implication that Mr. Freeze is going to kill her at the end. I also liked Barbara (although not nearly as much as Chase).

Batman Begins: Rachel, and her appearance so early into the movie, kinda comes across as an attempt to de-queer Batman post Schumacher (not at Bruce being attracted to her precludes his character from being attracted to multiple genders, but the film kinda seems to be jumping up and down going 'look how straight he is!'). The mystic martial arts stuff irritates me as does the whitewashing (like they seriously got Ken Wantanabe only to kill his character off with barely any screentime? and then had Liam Neeson be Ra's Al Ghul?)

The Dark Knight: I hate that Rachel got fridged for both Bruce and Harvey's stories. Also, I think all the non white characters besides Fox were criminals, corrupt, and/or dead?

The Dark Knight Rises: apparently Marion Cotillard's mother is Kabyle, so it seems her casting isn't whitewashing like I initially assumed. The movie is awfully white as a whole (iirc, it seemed like most of the non white people were set dressing for the Lazarus Pit?) The Gotham stuff didn't make sense to me. While I like Selina, her and Bruce's romance seemed to come out of nowhere. And it seemed like the Nolans' wanted to have their cake and eat it to w/r/t the ending, which undercut it for me.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: This didn't work for me: it seemed to be trying to do 2+ movies at once, Frank Miller!Batman is my least favorite take on the character, the fight scenes seemed unnecessarily long, and Snyder continues to be way too found of Christian imagery *still irritated about that in Man of Steel*. However, I'm glad it exists because (in no particular order): Lois is the one who figured out Luthor's plot *reminds self to made a vid of her using the extended cut and Man of Steel*, Diana being awesome, and the awesome fanfic I've read that uses it as a jumping off point.

[*] Er, except for Person of Interest (which is what I'd rewatch if I watch a gritty, realistic-ish Batman thing)
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