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Heads Will Roll | Person of Interest

Resolution Road | Criminal Minds

Ain't No Grave | Person of Interest

Somebody to Love | Criminal Minds

Trouble | Stargate SG-1

Only One Way | Supernatural



Woman King | The Assets (2014 miniseries)

Something to Sing About | Down to Agincourt [shorter version]

Sol Invictus | Down to Agincourt

Red Belt (All the Feelings that You Feel) | Star Trek: Deep Space Nine



Cities In Dust | Person of Interest



Tell That Devil | Wynonna Earp

I Am the Fire | Wynonna Earp

Something's Happening to Me | Painkiller Jane



remaster of Astolat's Jig of Life (Witchblade)

Half Angel, Half Eagle | Shadow Unit

Something to Sing About | Down to Agincourt



New Number | Person of Interest

Ain't No Grave (Redux) | Person of Interest [Premiered at Vividcon 2016 (Wish You Were Here)]

remaster of LithiumDoll's I'll Be Watching You (Person of Interest)



God's Gonna Cut You Down | Person of Interest

You're the One | Wynonna Earp

God's Got Nothing On You | Down to Agincourt


Total vids: 21 (not including the two remasters)



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Hi! Thank you for making something for me! I’ve only been vidding since January and this is the first Festivids I’m participating in, which is exciting (and also a little nerve-wracking).

I’m fond of songs with female vocalists, I like fast paced vids, and quick cuts. I also have a weakness for awesome women and femslash. Below is some of what I like about the sources and some ideas/suggestions:



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I'm excited about festivids! ...I have also kinda started watching NCIS: New Orleans for Agent Gregorio.
On an unrelated note, I'm kinda annoyed when reviews of The Handmaiden don't mention that it's an adaptation of Sarah Water's Fingersmith

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…maybe it’s just me, but Beyond reminds me, structurally (and thematically a bit), of Wrath of Khan

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I just finished watching TMP (I’d seen parts of it before, but not all the way though) ...Kirk and Spock’s interactions really don’t make sense unless you assume they’d had a messy/awkward breakup some point before Spock returned to Vulcan

Some somewhat spoilery thoughts on TMP and Beyond below:

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The Vividcon DVD (and the con program) came in the mail today! I wish I could've gone, but considering the (condensed) grad school class I'm taking at the moment, buying a supporting registration worked out the best, logistically speaking. Also, I'm still working on the 'Apres Moi' remaster (classes have gotten in the way a bit)

some (brief) reactions to Vividcon 2016 (in which I use the words 'awesome' and 'love' a lot):

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Title: Ain't No Grave (redux)
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: Ain't No Grave by Crooked Still
Warnings: some quick cuts and flashes, show typical violence
Summary: Sameen has six lives left
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] anoel  for giving me feedback on it!

Premiered at Vividcon 2016 (Wish You Were Here)

Download: (204 MB MP4)

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Got stuff from library book sale today!

A copy of ‘Crimson Peak’ (it might be useful for vidding at some point, disc had next to no scratches), ‘Maleficent’ (I’d been meaning to see it, and it looked like the disc would probably play), and two issues of She-Hulk (#1 and #12, since that’s what I saw).

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What I've been reading (outside of fanfiction, anyway)

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I've been thinking about vids that critique their source (intentionally or otherwise)

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Title: Tell That Devil
Fandom: Wynonna Earp
Music: Tell That Devil by Jill Andrews
Warnings: some quick cuts and flashes
Summary: Wynonna, Purgatory, and Peacemaker
I made this after only two episodes had aired (part of me wants to redo this using footage from the rest of the season)

AO3 | tumblr | youtube

Download: (164 MB MP4)

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The (honestly awful looking) MacGyver reboot trailer got me thinking about the original MacGvyer series, which made me think of Magnum, PI, which made me thinking of The Rockford Files

The interesting thing (to me) about Magnum, PI and The Rockford Files is how utterly different they are, despite how similar they sound on paper (main character is a private investigator, hijinks or trouble often ensues, has a cool car).

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Title: God's Gonna Cut You Down
Fandom: Person of Interest
Music: God's Gonna Cut You Down by Kaitlin Butts
Warnings: some quick cuts and flashes, show typical violence
Summary: Root as the Machine’s justice/ vengeance (or Root as Nemesis)
Thank you to the awesome [personal profile] mswyrr  for giving me feedback on it!

AO3 | tumblr | youtube

Download: (144 MB MP4)

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An update of sorts! (How shocking!)

ETA: a periodically undated list
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