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Forget your grandma's old-fashioned chintz couch, a modern patterned sofa can work wonders for your home. When properly styled, brightly upholstered seating can make an artful centerpiece in a room—no hammer or nails necessary. To prove our point, we've gathered 10 beautiful, print-covered sofas for your perusal (and inspiration). From polka dots to kaleidoscopic prints, scroll ahead for some gorgeous graphic sofas that will seriously make you reconsider your opinion of patterned upholstery.


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Posted by Julie McClure

Dalitso Sulamoyo traveled a long way, literally, to become the new C.E.O. of the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (RPC). Originally from Malawi, Africa, Sulamoyo came to the U.S. in the early nineties to attend college. Out of all of the college applications he sent out, the first acceptance came from Springfield College of Illinois. He arrived on campus with no home, no money, and no family or friends in town. From these humble beginnings, he went on to earn a Ph.D, serve as president/CEO of the Illinois Community Action Development Corporation in Springfield, and receive numerous accolades for his work in community development and social justice. On June 1st, he took the reins at the RPC in Champaign County. I spoke with Sulamoyo this week to learn more about his background, the work of the RPC, and his vision for how it can continue to impact our community. 

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Posted by Dan Van Winkle

Everyone needs to be on social media in 2017, but the way in which the Trump administration makes use of Twitter—Trump himself shooting his keyboard off recklessly—is horrible, and it hit a new low today. Just minutes ago, Trump took to Twitter to announce a new policy (which is already awful, but doesn’t hold a candle to what follows) to ban transgender individuals from military service.

That’s just awful, especially for a man who claimed to be a friend to the LGBT community—and who paraded a pride flag with the words “LGBTs for Trump” around on stage during the campaign—even if no one who was paying attention took his words, or the words of the rest of his team, seriously.

It’s not only a regressive policy in an era when the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has become a memory, but his reasons for it are (as all reasons for actively harmful decisions are) even more ludicrous. Trump cited the “tremendous medical costs,” as well as some nebulous “disruption” and distraction that transgender people supposedly cause just by existing.

He seems completely ignorant of the fact that not all transgender people have medical expenses related to being transgender, and those who do vary greatly in their needs—but that’s not even the point. With any reference to medical costs, Trump has made this about the government deciding whose medical needs are important on a blatantly discriminatory basis.

But wait! You thought we had sunk to the depths, but I assure you, it can get so much worse. Here’s what the real reasoning for this discriminatory policy is, as told by someone within the Trump administration:

They’re using the decision politically, to make Democrats take an explicit stance on transgender rights in upcoming campaigns, banking on the bigotry of those “rural, white, working class voters” we keep reading about. See, it’s not just about hating transgender people enough to use their lives as political pawns. It’s about banking on the hate of other people to keep you in power—which, to be fair, we’ve all known about the Trump team from the start. That’s how he ran his entire campaign, no matter how many lectures we’ve heard to the contrary, and here it is, plainly spelled out.

It’s unclear how he plans to implement or enforce this policy,

but in case you want to get out ahead of things:

(image: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock.com)

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Welcome to the Love List, a new series where Apartment Therapy editors share what they're crushing on this week, whether it's an article, a product, or something else entirely!

Ever wonder what our editors are obsessing over? This week, some of the folks behind Apartment Therapy share their favorite finds, including a wallpaper/washi tape hybrid, the hot new clothing line from your fave plus size fashion bloggers, and more.


Wednesday Reading

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:27 am
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I did a fair amount of reading over the weekend, and early this week.

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott was too nerve-wracking and painful for me to read right now; I finished it, but the sequels will definitely have to wait. The race and class issues were very well-depicted, I thought, and the suspense was excellent. I am just too stressed about the world to handle this sort of thing in fiction right now.

The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch was, alas, much shorter than I had hoped. Abigail was so great! I want all the Abigail stories!!!

I was happily surprised that Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb, 43rd in the series, was much better than several of the previous volumes. There were a lot of twists and barriers to solving the mystery, capturing the perpetrators, and bringing them to justice, and remarkably little checking in with the huge recurring cast, which can become tedious. I read this partly because mysteries are comforting (justice wins!) and partly for purposes of analysis. I need to write down notes on its structure and character types and things like that.

The Bride And Groan

Jul. 26th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Posted by Jen

Today's post is dedicated to all the engaged couples out there. That's right, lovebirds, I thought we might take this opportunity to consider the most important cake of your entire lives: your wedding cake.

Now, I know I feature a lot of wedding wrecks, and I know a lot of folks will point out that asking for a fondant design recreated in buttercream is asking for disaster, but don't you worry. I'm here to help. After all, this is what Leah D. ordered for HER wedding cake:



And look what she got!

It's the tinfoil-covered cookie sheet that really sells it.

Ok, yes, it's a wreck. BUT - did you notice how the inspiration cake was all buttercream, and the wreck itself is fondant? I'm just sayin'. It works both ways.

Now, don't you feel better?


Ok, then how about what Susan A. ordered for her wedding? 


 Not a great picture (you don't see mimeographs much these days), but I think you get the general idea.

 And here's what Susan got:

Granted, I'm not sure how this is supposed to make you feel better, but trust me, guys: the REST of us are feeling grrrrr-REAT. (John! Go make some popcorn! These are gettin' GOOD.)


Sara M. wanted her wedding cake to be a hunk a' hunk a' burnin' love:


The cake! The cake! The cake is on FI-YUR!


But instead, her cake just suffered from a mild burning sensation and performance issues:



(That was my attempt at a slide-rule trombone effect. I know: I'm a veritable foley artist with words.)


And finally, Elizabeth P. dreamed a dream of ribbon-wrapped sweetness for her big day:


...but ended up with something only a mummy could love:

 Ouch. Uh...that's a wrap!


Thanks to all of today's brides and just remember, guys: wreck or Sweet, we're gonna need to see your wedding cake! (Oh, and we're all invited, right? RIGHT?!)


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Posted by Jessica Lachenal

Got half an hour to kill? Yeah, of course you do. It’s fine. Tell your parent/professor/manager/boss/whoever that you’re doing a science. It’s fine, I’ll wait.

Cool, okay, you’re back? Awesome. So thanks to this (frankly weird) “game” on Steam called Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, one person found out that yes, 300 Jedi would absolutely demolish 60,000 medieval soldiers. Weird, right? I mean, you can check out the video for yourself right here.

So, yeah. The “Laser Knights” outpower the massive medieval army, and it’s downright comedic to see. Of course, while watching this, I have to ask: where’s the data here? I imagine the Jedi’s health points are set so high as to reflect their training and Force-sensitivity and such. As well, their lightsabers would utterly demolish any defense the medieval knights can possibly put up. But I’d think with the sheer numbers, they might be able to overwhelm 300 Jedi … or perhaps not. It’s telling that they have all the soldiers kind of attack in a line, as opposed to having them try to envelop or something. And of course, this is a straight up fight on (sandy) flat ground. Things might be different if one side had a tactical advantage with regards to terrain, but oh well.

And yes, of course, this is just a simulator with data points plotted by human hands. It’s obviously not meant to be a scientific breakdown of how this would all go down, but still. Questions, man. I’ve got ’em.

Now if you’ll need me, I’m just going to go ahead and watch this sloppily mashed-up version of the video above playing alongside Johann Strauss II’s “Blue Danube Waltz.” This is it: your moment of zen.

Have a good day today, okay?

(via io9, image: screengrab)

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It's my birthday...

Jul. 26th, 2017 01:40 pm
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... and I'll write finally get around to finishing and posting ridiculously self-indulgent fic if I want to.

Un fior che nasce e muore: two studies in Hanahaki disease (4421 words) by El Staplador
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: La Traviata - Verdi/Piave, Zenda Novels - Anthony Hope, The Opera Companion - George W. Martin
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Violetta Valery/Alfredo Germont, Flora Bervoix/Violetta Valery (unrequited), Flavia/Rudolf Rassendyll, Rudolf Rassendyll/Rupert of Hentzau, Duke Michael/Flavia (unrequited)
Characters: Violetta Valery, Alfredo Germont, Giorgio Germont, Flora Bervoix, Michael Duke of Strelsau, Flavia (Zenda), Rudolf Rassendyll, Rudolf V of Ruritania, Colonel Sapt, Rupert of Hentzau
Additional Tags: opera - Freeform, Hanahaki Disease, Alternate Universe - No Homophobia, tuberculosis, Meta masquerading as fic
Series: Part 3 of Opera Over The Rainbow

Opera has always presented a more overt demand for suspension of disbelief than most other dramatic forms, and never more so than with its ongoing fascination with plots based on hanahaki disease. The middle of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of this tidy, sentimental metaphor for tuberculosis – a gory, unpleasant and all too real ailment – and it has lingered ever since. Blood was replaced with roses, hacking coughs with immaculate arias, lingering deaths with graceful swoons.

Chapter 1: Violetta, o, la traviata (Giuseppe Verdi and F. M. Piave)
Chapter 2: Michael of Strelsau (Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan and Julian Sturgis)

I have also: been swimming in cold water; had my heart gently broken by the latest Madame C- C- instalment. We're going out for dinner later. It's a quiet birthday, but a good one so far.

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Jul. 26th, 2017 09:22 am
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After living in New York for 11 years, Diana Marsh was ready to move back to her home state of Michigan and design a beautiful nest. As the proprietor of the downtown Ann Arbor store Thistle and Bess, Diana stocks up and offers one-of-a-kind treasures for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle. And not surprisingly, she was looking to create a luxurious lifestyle in the 1890s house she bought. A fan of history and elegant English estates, the house's architecture was right up her design alley. The taupe bathroom was not.


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Posted by Brennin Kelly

What happens when three local musicians, all well-versed in the Champaign-Urbana music scene, decide to create "something heavier?" Shazu happens, and it's not their first rodeo either. Brennin sat down over a couple of beers with Teddy Lerch and Sam Geneser to get the scoop on their brand new musical endeavor, which includes their group Shazu as well as their throw at an EP, Shazu.

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yes, the truth

Jul. 26th, 2017 09:52 pm
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13.One of your favourite 70's songs: Every 1's a Winner - Hot Chocolate

music meme topics )

shakespeare screwed up, son

Jul. 26th, 2017 12:00 am
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July 26th, 2017next

July 26th, 2017: San Diego Comic Con was AMAZING: I met so many great and interesting readers, got to meet some people that I really admire, and won two (TWO!) Eisner Awards, for my work on Squirrel Girl and Jughead! IT WAS PRETTY AMAZING!!

– Ryan

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Wake up a room with a dead stock Rya rug from the 1960's, $275.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy Marketplace)

We spend our days scouring the Marketplace for gems you can't find anywhere else. Buy and sell with over 200,000 neighbors who love quality home furnishings and good design.

A rug with interesting colors, texture and scale can single-handedly take a ho-hum room filled with basics to the next level. But it's easy to play it safe when when price plays such an integral part of choosing a rug— especially as the size goes up! These bright and bold options will transform a room from the ground up without impacting your budget.



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