[ObMeme] icon conversation

Mar. 22nd, 2017 02:41 pm
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How it works: Have a conversation (or several) by using your icons.

Animated Victor will start us off!

(Hi in real life I'm working on Revenant Gun revisions I swear)


Mar. 22nd, 2017 11:40 am
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I'll be on Reddit's r/Fantasy on March 30 for an AMA (Ask Me Anything). You’ll need a Reddit account to participate. There’s a guide to the process here. I'm in CST but the format should accommodate multiple time zones. I'd love it if some of y'all showed up. ^_^

(I'll post a reminder on the day itself.)

There are examples of past AMAs with a staggering variety of sf/f authors, which make for some fun reading if you need a time-killer. =)

Okay, back to final revisions on Revenant Gun!
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People! Friends of mine! There are many awesome vidders signed up for the VVC auction this year, and I am going to be bidding on [personal profile] grammarwoman because a) she is awesome, and b) SHE IS OFFERING TO VID FARSCAPE and I HAVE FARSCAPE VID IDEAS. One of these ideas I am keeping for myself, but trust me, I HAVE IDEAS TO SPARE.

So who wants to go in with me? I know my fellow Farscape fans are out there. Leave a comment and let's do this!
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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2ncvnul on March 19, 2017 at 09:06PM

Tags:IFTTT, Fauxthentic History, DWCrosspost

Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)

Productive Day!

Mar. 19th, 2017 10:33 pm
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Today we did a burn on the weeds in the garden, I weeded a bunch more by hand, planted some stuff I'd been meaning to get in the ground, dug up some ground covers and transplanted them to ground that needs covering. Then I made more pendants for Texas Furry Fiesta next weekend, prepped some bags-and-boards for prints, wrote a Hidden Almanac, and did a podcast interview with New Moon Girls in Minnesota.

It was very productive. I am trying to be glad of that and not to feel guilty when tomorrow and yesterday prove not to be nearly as productive. Still, I'm going out birding in Texas last week of March, and I'll probably have some evenings free to get some writing done, finish the latest kid's book worth of edits, maybe work on a novella that's been lurking for nearly a year, or even doodle on my iPad. I am feeling that itchy art brain of "MUST DO ART!" but it's slamming into the wall of having to finish the latest hamster book's worth of illustrations. Still, only a few more weeks of hamsters, and then I can draw any weird thing I want!

Really looking forward to that bit. I am very proud of the Hamster books, but they're a serious mental investment. It's worth it, and I'll do as many as they buy, but I want to draw other things for a bit and remember who I am when I'm not a respectable children's book author...

recipe weekend

Mar. 19th, 2017 05:32 pm
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Something I've cooked recently: Today I made an asparagus and smoked salmon tart. I couldn't find a recipe that was exactly what I wanted, so I improvised. Here's what I did )

I bought some raclette cheese on sale recently, so I've had raclette, or at least raclette adopted for a single person without a fireplace, twice. The first time I went fairly traditional, boiling some new potatoes, then topping them with shredded raclette and broiling until the cheese was all melted and oozy. The second time, I sort of made my own version of chile cheese fries--I cut some baking potatoes into wedges, coated them with oil, salt, and smoked paprika and roasted them until crisp outside and soft inside, and then covered a big mound of them with raclette and broiled.

Something I have concrete plans to cook in the near future: No concrete plans. I need to keep using an opened jar of fermented bean curd I have in the fridge, so I may make this recipe for bean curd with Chinese cabbage and ground pork, or something similar. The weather has been ridiculously warm here for March, so I mostly feel interested in salads and pastas and such.

Something I vaguely plan to cook someday: Oh, everything, as usual. I've been craving seafood, which is a problem because while I love eating it, I really don't love cooking it. Shrimp would be helpful for this, since you can get them conveniently frozen and pre-peeled, but since I've heard about shrimp farms ruining the environment and literally using slave labor, I haven't wanted to buy shrimp. Anybody know of US brands that are okay to buy?

More nights on Fic Mountain

Mar. 18th, 2017 04:39 pm
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I have at last clawed my way out from beneath months of extra work at my job. Sheesh. It was really too much for a while there, and now I am pretty much in disarray. My apartment is a shambles, I haven't had a haircut for far too long, I'm behind on everything, blah blah.

But! I do get today to myself, to think about restful things like stories and writing and whatnot. \o/

On that topic, I noticed that nominations are open for Night On Fic Mountain, until the end of March.

Here's the tagset so far. I can see two things in there I could offer to write (one definite, one tentative), but you need to offer at least 5. So I'd need to nominate three more things. Hmmmmmm, it'll take some thought.

Master & Commander is already in there, to my delight; I'd love to write that some more. I also notice someone has nominated a 2006 movie that [personal profile] klia showed me back in the day, "The Guardian", a slashy movie about Coast Guard rescue swimmers (older grizzled traumatized officer trains troubled young hothead, they butt heads, then they impress each other, until they become super bonded protective pair--you know how those military-slash movies go. :D ). I've never thought about writing it till now, but I'm considering whether I might be brave enough to offer it.

Someone nominated Nero Wolfe, but only Archie/Saul. (Nothing against Archie/Saul of course, I adore Saul, but I don't know if I'd have any ideas for writing it.) Someone nominated Elfquest, but I don't think I could write any of the characters they included; I don't know them well, and don't have any ideas.

I wonder what else I might nominate? And can I think of things that other participants might want to read and/or offer? There are many times I wish I could read minds, and this is one of them.

(no subject)

Mar. 18th, 2017 11:27 am
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A new day, a (somewhat) new list!
  • FTH cont
  • ABBE
  • dead dropbox links
  • postcard for sheriff
  • post-ready the things
  • tofu
  • soup
  • groceries
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Bucky saving an animal and the animal saving him right back.

Like, literally, my tolerance is endless.

that St Patrick's day meme

Mar. 17th, 2017 08:31 pm
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1. Have you ever been to Ireland?

Twice. I have been to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Ennis, Lisdoonvarna ("Oh, Lisdoonvarna," as Christy Moore sings; the town had three very musical pubs and one hostel with a peat fire and no electricity), Doolin, the cliffs of Moher (walked there from Doolin, including a bit where the path was uncomfortably close to the edge of the cliff), Inis Mor, Spiddal, Gleann Cholm Cille, Cushendall, Belfast (where I lost track of the number of people who said to me, "We're not like what you see on television"--this was over twenty years ago and the ceasefire was new and shaky-- and also where I went to a Christy Moore concert), and Derry.

2. According to Facts about Ireland, 73% of Americans are unable to locate Ireland on a map bereft of country names. Whether you are American or not, can you find it on a map?


3. Are you or do you know a natural redhead?

*sigh* Fetishizing red hair is creepy. I did date a redhead once, but not because of his hair color.

4. Will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day?

I have a bottle of Smithwick's in the fridge and will probably drink it tonight at some point. I don't care for St. Patrick's Day; back when I was most involved with Irish/Irish-American cultural stuff, we all took it deeply seriously and disliked the green beer and shamrocks and goddamn leprechauns and all that begorrah shite. (Heh, all this reminiscing has made me apt, like Laurie Odell, to become Irish.) My Irish-language teacher, a drinking man who loved a party, used to get a stern look about him as March 17th rolled around and would say, "St. Patrick founded no taverns, only churches."

5. Do you even know who St. Patrick is and why we celebrate his day?

He converted Ireland to Christianity, thereby doing it no great favor, although Irish monks did help keep learning and art alive through some rough centuries.


Mar. 17th, 2017 11:49 am
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Don't mind me, just a to-do list:
  • test oven
  • clean kitchen (one two three HOORAY)
  • trash kitchen
  • clean kitchen
  • FTH prework
  • ABBE
  • dead dropbox links
  • postcard for sheriff
  • thumbdrive for bookherd

Things NOT on my to-do list, but which I've been doing instead:
  • that godforsaken bit of crack what probably ought not to exist, but which is apparently going to

Weak wave hello

Mar. 17th, 2017 03:11 am
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turns out, that though we had a great time at Escapade that we came home with an unwanted guest: a nasty head cold. Both xlorp and and I are in bed coughing, sneezing, dripping and feebly moaning. Not a great way for xlorp to spend the last few days of vacation.
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All that and I forgot to say I've registered for [community profile] vividcon in August and Readercon in July. Readercon's guests of honor this year are Naomi Novik and Nnedi Okorafor. Looking forward to hearing about more attending authors.


My hair is straight! For a couple of days, anyway. I went for a haircut with a new, recommended curl-savvy hairdresser who said she wanted to straighten it before cutting it to ensure the cut would be even, which is the opposite of what most people have proposed before. Now it's all swoopy and flippy and when I look in the mirror I actually feel pretty.

(Cue conflicted thoughts about societal notions of beauty and what it means that I like the result of this erasure of one visible aspect of my Eastern European/Russian Jewish heritage, but I think it's just that it frames my face really well right now.)

It hasn't been straight since my friend flat-ironed it 10+ years ago for a Halloween party where I went as Snape, so it is quite a revelation. The results are making me want to do it once in a while now for fun. Er, although I don't own a blow dryer or flat iron.


We had a snow day this week. It seems like ages ago already. I had grand plans for watching some vid-related movies & TV but then we lost power for half the day so I read,* wrote and shoveled. 1,800 new words on an old Mary Sue story. I'm liking this trend.

*Lagoon by Okorafor; I would put it behind Binti and ahead of Akata Witch for enjoyment level.


I did finally finish Suicide Squad tonight, which was as mediocre and eye-rollingly misogynistic/exploitative as promised, with bonus racism and overkill special effects. Even so, I did enjoy some aspects, including Will Smith, Jay Hernandez and the human Rocket Pop that was Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. But no one warned me that Adam Beach spoiler ).


Been seeing lots of movies in the theater, and there are still many coming up that are appealing. Want to post about them properly one of these days. Like Get Out, which was so, so smart, and Logan, and the Oscar-nominated animated short films, and soon Raw, and Life, and possibly Personal Shopper...

various and sundry readings

Mar. 16th, 2017 02:16 pm
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- The U.S. Military Photo Scandal: Whose Fault Is It? [Angry Staff Officer]:
...we’ve managed to tie a willingness to kill people and having an aggressive mentality to sexual deviance and dominance. It’s 2017 and somehow there are people out there who think that getting consent, being disciplined, and just being a decent human being cannot go hand-in-hand with going out and shooting bad dudes in the face. If we say, “Stop calling women Marines/Soldiers ‘clearing barrels,’” apparently that is going to dull the edge of our nation’s sword? If we say, “Stop eyeballing the public affairs staff sergeant and describing in detail what you would do to her in bed,” then that is going to destroy our ability to close with and destroy the enemy in close combat? (Both examples I heard as an enlisted infantryman.)

Are our “warriors” really that fragile?

No, of course not. It is an excuse that has been built up over time to try to rationalize awful behavior. You absolutely can inculcate an aggressive and winning mentality while also training your troops to treat each other with dignity and respect. Again, if we can expect an 18-year-old to know when to take a life and when not to take a life, we can expect them to know when it keep it in their pants.

- On a lighter note, [personal profile] isis's How to make awesome granola, which I can vouch for. I have made it twice now and OM NOM NOM. (Thank you for being an enabler, [personal profile] isis!

- Pungsu-jiri, or Korean feng shui. I would love to track down some more academic sources on them if they are also readable to a layperson. I know pretty much zero about geomancy.

- Oh, and while we're on the topic of Korea, this Open Access article on the "History of Korean gochu, gochujang, and kimchi":
Biologically, Korean gochu is different from the red peppers of Central American countries (such as Mexico and Colombia), Indonesia, India, and Thailand. Therefore, the statement that the Central American red pepper came to Korea during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 is not true. We can refer to a research paper in the magazine “Nature” that Korea's gochu arrived at the Korean peninsula millions of years ago, having been spread by birds. It states that gochu has evolved for millions of years, therefore, we can infer that Korean gochu existed as a completely different variety. In addition, gochujang and kimchi can be made using gochu only, which proves that people in Korea cultivated gochu thousands of years ago and have been eating it since then. Furthermore, many old Korean documents support the fact that Koreans have been planting and harvesting gochu for the last 1,500 years.

Huh! I had read somewhere (in a not-academic source, mind) that Korean gochu was, in fact, a later import. Looks like I was wrong?

Le Tarot d'Ambre: Repérages

Mar. 16th, 2017 01:21 pm
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Le Tarot d'Ambre par F. Nedelec, cont'd


It's been a while. Our hero's misadventures continue! No cracky numerology this time, alas.

Read more... )

It's still Wednesday in Hawaii

Mar. 15th, 2017 11:58 pm
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And damn am I feeling the love for the state of Hawaii on this particular Wednesday. 

What I'm Reading

I started Monstress vol. 1 by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda on the feeling that I needed to start taking a bigger bite out of the Sirens reading challenge--25 books doesn't sound like a lot, but then it's September and it's just too late. I like it so far! The art is lovely and there are a lot of women. The story seems somewhat opaque but also honestly, I am prepared to reserve judgment for a very long time based on how much I like it.

Also still Jaran 3. I am trying to simultaneously have one physical and one ebook on the go, so I can read one based on whichever mode is most convenient. My problem with Jaran 3 is that…well, okay. I am not as engrossed as I was in Jaran, when the story was almost entirely Tess's POV. Also, I don't care about babies, and it's hard to escape the conviction that if Elliott were writing these books now they'd be three instead of four. 

What I've Read
I read Charlie Jane Anders' All the Birds in the Sky, also for Sirens, and was surprised just how much I liked it. It was hilarious and also very San Francisco, in a knowing and ironic but also affectionate way, and the execution managed to avoid the potential for gender essentialism that was obvious in the premise. And while there's a lot going on, it also reads very quickly. Definitely recommended.

Also, The Wicked and the Divine vol. 3, which has turned the corner for me into a series that I think is great as opposed to just intriguing--maybe because Prince and Bowie are dead now, I won't lie. Also Pretty Deadly vol. 1, which is not a comic that is well served by e-format, I have to say. But the art was lovely and the story was good, though maybe a little thinner than you might think. 

What I'll Read Next
Well, WicDiv 4 and also Pretty Deadly 2, because I have both of those sitting around in my stack. Other than that, probably more Sirens books.
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(Joe calls this Dice: The RTS.)

Two-player game; we played with 10 + 2 + 2 = 14 six-sided dice, because we're gamers and we easily have that many d6's running around the house, but my initial proof-of-concept playtesting was done using random.org's dice roller. In initial playtest (Joe and me) it took 10 minutes or so to play. (Probably faster with people who weren't dithering about the rules and modifications and the ways my initial drafted rules were completely wrong.)

For those familiar with it, this is essentially based on the elegant dice game known as Pig [Wikipedia].

Extinction is a two-player game played with six-sided dice (d6's).

Each player starts with 2d6 in her Civilization Dice Pool.

There is also an Entropy Dice Pool that starts with 10d6.

On her turn, a player may:
Score: Roll 1d6. If she rolls a 1, she scores no points and ends her turn. Otherwise, she adds the number she rolled to her point total and may roll again or stand pat, accepting her point total. (This is basically the dice game Pig.)
Expand: Roll 1d6. The other player rolls 1d6 from the Entropy Dice Pool. If the active player rolls higher than the Entropy roll, she adds the Entropy die to her Civilization Dice Pool. If the active player rolls lower than the Entropy roll, that Entropy die is destroyed (removed from play). If the two die rolls are equal, reroll until the tie is broken.
Attack: Both players roll all their dice. The player with the lower roll loses one die from her Civilization Dice Pool.

The game ends when a player scores 60 (?) or more points, the Entropy Dice Pool has no dice left, or one player has no dice left. The player with the most points wins the game.

Questions I have
- Were the rules unclear? What was confusing?
- How long did it take to play a match? (I'm aiming for something that can be played quickly.)
- Does 60 points seem like a good point goal to trigger the game's end? Should it be higher or lower?
- What strategies did you attempt? What were the trade-offs between different approaches? Were there obviously superior (or inferior) strategies?
- Any other thoughts?


(The hilarious part? This is all in service of a sf short story.)

(If I can confirm that this is minimally playable, I may contemplate modding the rules to allow for multiplayer play. I believe Pig can be played that way as well.)


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