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2016-08-28 07:37 pm

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…maybe it’s just me, but Beyond reminds me, structurally (and thematically a bit), of Wrath of Khan

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aurumcalendula: the (AOS) Enterprise (The Enterprise)
2016-08-21 12:10 am

some thoughts on Star Trek (TOS and AOS)

I just finished watching TMP (I’d seen parts of it before, but not all the way though) ...Kirk and Spock’s interactions really don’t make sense unless you assume they’d had a messy/awkward breakup some point before Spock returned to Vulcan

Some somewhat spoilery thoughts on TMP and Beyond below:

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2016-07-21 11:33 am

some vid related thoughts...

I've been thinking about vids that critique their source (intentionally or otherwise)

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