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...there's snow outside *mutters about Ohio weather*
On the bright side, some of the books I ordered arrived (Henry Jenkin's Textual Poachers and Steven Capsuto's Alternative Channels).

I wonder if I could convince one of the local library systems to buy a copy of Textual Poachers despite the fact that it's technically a textbook (or I may just end up buying another copy of the 1992 edition off of Abe Books and donating it to them). One used to have a copy of it, but it apparently went missing at some point...
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…so now that timeline is along the lines of:

24 March 2017: Vimeo receives an email from IFPI referencing a 21 March email [which Vimeo did not in fact receive, according to Vimeo Support] and complaining that 16 videos are still accessible

24 March 2017 at 12:29 pm: Vimeo removes my video (and presumably the rest of the videos at the urls listed), sends me an email that it was removed, and and a message on Vimeo saying it was removed

Maybe it’s just me, but email stuffs sounds a bit… shady on IFPI’s part? And apparently the version of my vid on Vimeo only had 3 views at the time it was taken down. Also, the Vimeo Trust and Safety people are apparently reasonably prompt at answering stuff, so that's something.

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Vimeo removed my 'Shake It Out' Down to Agincourt vid because of a copyright claim from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.1 The version on YouTube one is still up (and not blocked anywhere).

What's particularly frustrating is that I can't message Vimeo staff about what the claim was regarding (you have to be following at least one person to message anyone. I'm now following a few people (including Vimeo Staff) but I still can't message anyone at this time for whatever reason). I think it's because of the song, but I want to be sure.

In happier news, I planted irises and the ACHA got pulled for lack of votes.

[1] as a side note, I think my videos have had a grand total of four hits since I uploaded the vid in question (I was mostly using the account as a backup of my stuff)

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Got stuff from library book sale today!

A copy of ‘Crimson Peak’ (it might be useful for vidding at some point, disc had next to no scratches), ‘Maleficent’ (I’d been meaning to see it, and it looked like the disc would probably play), and two issues of She-Hulk (#1 and #12, since that’s what I saw).


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