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Wynonna, WIlla, and Waverly Earp in formal dresses

part 1: Peacemaker, part 2: Formal Dresses,

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Willa wearing a black and gold dress

Black with Gold accents (Willa Earp)


Wynonna in a red dress

Red (Wynonna Earp)


Waverly in a turquise dress

Turquoise with Peach accents (Waverly Earp)


Nicole in a purple dress

Purple with White accents (Nicole Haught)



The dress colors appear to line up with some element of their respective personalities…




Black has certain somewhat suspect associations - “wicked, sullen, soiled (Bellatoni, 2005, p. 16, 29).

 I am loathe to characterize her as ‘wicked’, as doing so ignores her past as well as what motivates her and guides her actions.


Gold is associated with dreams, memories, and the past.(Bellatoni, 2005, p. 43, 203). The nature of yellow as a warning and a contrary color also applies to Willa as well (Bellatoni, 2005, p, 41).

Willa is defined and trapped by her past. The twining and encircling ribbon-like accents on her dress may also foreshadow her deal with the Old One (as well as her death in WE 1x13). 


The pairing of black with yellow of the gold may be more significant than either alone. “In nature, yellow and black are companions in venomous insects, reptiles, and amphibians who attack to kill or at least incapacitate.” (Bellatoni, 2005, p. 53).  The combination serves as a warning as to Willa’s plans for the town.





LoBrutto (2002, p. 81 - 82) writes that “Warm colors tend to represent tenderness and humanity[…] Hot colors represent sexuality, anger, and passion, as well as physical and visceral heat”

In Rebel Without a Cause, red “signaled danger, rage, torment, and courage as well.” (Bellatoni 2005, p. 13)

Bellatoni mentions how red’s association tend to be different when applied to male or female characters: “red on a woman is often perceived as sexy, sometimes even slutty. Red on a man is perceived as heroic.”  (2005, p. 13,14)


All of the above apply well to Wynonna.





Bellatoni writes that “blue-green/turquoise [is] a color that inspired openness and interaction. In the presence of blue-green, students happily chatted away and actually lost their concept of time.”(2005, p. 83). 

This reflects the open and outgoing nature of Waverly and how she (generally) interacts with people.


The pink could possibly be an indicator of innocence (Bellatoni, 2004, 35).

Within the show, it could be an indicator of feminine power (see Constance Clootie’s pink 77 Lincoln Continental Mark V)


The combination of blue and pink tones could also serve as a subtle indicator/ reminder that Waverly is bisexual (not that such a reminder is particularly needed in WE 1x12 considering the scene her ex-boyfriend Champ makes re: her and Nicole, and that she and Nicole kiss at various points in the episode)





As referred to in the title, purple is associated with death. This may be a physically death or, like the Death tarot card, instead indicate a transformation. (Bellatoni, 2005, p. 191)

Purple is also a color associated with “the spiritual and mystical” and is described by Bellatoni as “hold[ing] a powerful sway in the realm of the noncorporal, the mystical, and even the paranormal.” (2005, p. 190)


White is “the color of innocence” and can also indicate a clean slate (Bellatoni, 2005, p. 88, 208).


The purple could serve as foreshadowing/ a red herring for Nicole’s near death in WE 1x13 (yay for bulletproof vests!). The fact that she has technically died earlier in the season (WE 1x08 mentioned her being resuscitated by EMS) may also be significant.

And while I do not think she is a Revenant (as Wynonnna briefly suspects in WE 1x13), I wonder if she is perhaps supernatural in nature? 

The combination of the white with the purple may be an indicator of her good intentions and serve to counterbalance purple associations with death. Considering some of the references throughout the season, I wonder if she might be an angel-esque counterpart to the Revenant’s demons?


[as a side note, the similar cut of Willa and Wynonna’s dresses and hairstyles (as opposed Waverly’s) might be foreshadowing that they are full-siblings and Waverly is a half-sibling of them?]



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