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I am officially registered for Vividcon and I just saw Wonder Woman!

I really liked Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot was awesome and so were the fight scenes! I really liked all the time spent on Themyscira and with the Amazons. (I also need to buy the soundtrack)

Considering WWI (which essentially was various empires jockeying for power, iirc), I’m really glad there were both German and British villains, although I do wish Dr. Maru had more screentime (and I’m kinda curious about her backstory (and her mask reminded me of the ones Anna Coleman Ladd made for soldiers)). I was also thrilled that the film showed the WWI as global (as opposed to just being the Allies vs Central Powers on the Western Front)

I liked Steve enough that I was sad that he was died, but I’m really glad Sameer and The Chief survived (once they took the photo I was worrying all everyone save Diana was going to get killed)

...and now I want a sequel set in the 1920s featuring Diana and Etta (who also needed more screentime) with appearances from Sameer, The Chief, and Charlie.

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Date: 2017-06-03 08:33 pm (UTC)
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I would have liked more time with Etta too. And interestingly, the actress playing Maru spent another film in a mask it would seem. That's a very specific kind of typecasting!


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