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I’m kinda stressing about an upcoming interview (well tbh, less about the interview and more about the fact I apparently have to give a short presentation during it?) …which means I’m now procrastinating by thinking about vid ideas:

I love Mae Whitman’s version of Semi Sacred Geometry – which I’m probably going to make a Prey vid to at some point (I’m to decide if I want to use footage from someone else’s playthrough since my graphics card is not the best, or record my own so I get the shots I want).

I also really like Tina Guo’s Wonder Woman Main Theme. I kinda want to do something with a bunch of first person POV games with female protagonists set to it (although it might end up just be one of Dishonored 2 and Prey, since I’m not really sure if Alien: Isolation, Mirror’s Edge, Portal, and Portal 2 would work visually with those two?)


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