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The Vividcon DVD (and the con program) came in the mail today! I wish I could've gone, but considering the (condensed) grad school class I'm taking at the moment, buying a supporting registration worked out the best, logistically speaking. Also, I'm still working on the 'Apres Moi' remaster (classes have gotten in the way a bit)

some (brief) reactions to Vividcon 2016 (in which I use the words 'awesome' and 'love' a lot):

I love the streaming site! At some point I think I may need to watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and (the rest of) Killjoys, if the vids are any indication (and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Underground but I knew that already)

It was neat seeing vids from 1996 and 2006 (I finally got to see Killa's 'These Two Arms', yay!)

Some vids in particular that stuck with me:
  • [personal profile] anoel 's vids! I think I may have watched 'Deliah' a dozen times at this point, and I really like 'Goin' Down for Real'.
  • [personal profile] bironic 's vids are awesome - 'To the Grave' is deliciously creepy (not sure if that makes sense outside of my head - I may have been playing too much Fallen London) and the trailer for Ancillary Justice finally got be to start reading the books (I'd heard good things about them, I just hadn't got around to them yet).
  • Janyne L's 'Satisfied' is devastating and brilliant - I'm glad Ernestine got her revenge.
  • [personal profile] jetpack_monkey 's 'Sound the Bells' is really effective (I really need to see Gojira as well)
  • just plotani4ek's 'S&M' is really fun
  • [personal profile] kiki_miserychic 's 'Laughing in the Sugarbowl' is awesome!
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