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…maybe it’s just me, but Beyond reminds me, structurally (and thematically a bit), of Wrath of Khan

Act 1 - doubts about future, routine mission goes sideways

Act 2 - stranded somewhere

Act 3 - escape and defeat of antagonist, feeling optimistic about the future

Wrath of Khan is essentially about dealing with the past (Carol Marcus and David; Khan*) and mortality (getting older; how do you face death)

Beyond seems to combine these a bit: Kirk is thinking about his father’s death/ being older than his father and being uncertain about his future in Starfleet; Spock is considering returning to New Vulcan and learns about Ambassador Spock’s death.

also, the Abornath seems to kinda be an inverted Genesis (lifelessness from life)?

I mean, it doesn’t quite fit (the Federation, rather than Kirk, is what Edison has history with and is obsessed with getting revenge on; no main characters die (unless you count the Enterprise, maybe?)), but I found the parallels interesting…

*to me, the point of Khan in the film is less that he’s Khan per se (although he probably is the most memorable antagonist from TOS), and more that he has history with Kirk - Khan as Ahab doesn’t work without that backstory

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