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Hi! Thank you for making something for me! I’ve only been vidding since January and this is the first Festivids I’m participating in, which is exciting (and also a little nerve-wracking).

I’m fond of songs with female vocalists, I like fast paced vids, and quick cuts. I also have a weakness for awesome women and femslash. Below is some of what I like about the sources and some ideas/suggestions:



Bound (1996) [movie] (safety)

I think this is (or at least one of) the first movies about queer women I watched? It is an excellent neo-noir film and gorgeously shot. I think I love it almost as much for the noir elements as for Corky and Violet. Something that featured both would be cool!


Fallen London (2009) [game, web]

I have been playing this  browser game on and off for (what is apparently) six years. It is a text based rpg set in a late Victorian/early Edwardian  steampunk-ish  setting with Lovecraft-lite overtones and excellent writing.  One thing I adore about it is that the writers remember that queer and non-white people exist, which is refreshing. Something that captures the essence of what this game is like would be neat (although I assume that may involve using outside sources since, to quote on of the writers, the game itself if 'mostly beige, mostly text')!

The band The Dark Clan made a song about it, which could be interesting to use.


Ghostbusters (2016) [film] (safety)

This was such a fun movie! I would love something centering on Patty/Holtzmann, Patty-centric, or about the Ghostbusters vs skeptics/the city/Rowan/misogyny.


Haywire (2011) [movie](safety)

Gina Carino is awesome in this! I like the Bourne-film feel this had to it (even if I wish there were more women in it)- perhaps something highlighting that?


MacGyver (1985-1992) [tv]

I love this show! *vague grumbling about the reboot, although I really like Patricia Thornton and Riley Davis* I love Nikki Carpenter from the original show and I wish she had been in more episodes. A Nikki-centric vid would be awesome.


Strange Empire (2015) [tv]

I’m sad this only got one season. I adore Kat (I find it interesting she’s dressed as an archetypal western villain a ’la Lee Van Cleef) I would like a Kat/Isabelle vid, especially considering how certain plotlines were resolved.



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