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Heads Will Roll | Person of Interest

Resolution Road | Criminal Minds

Ain't No Grave | Person of Interest

Somebody to Love | Criminal Minds

Trouble | Stargate SG-1

Only One Way | Supernatural



Woman King | The Assets (2014 miniseries)

Something to Sing About | Down to Agincourt [shorter version]

Sol Invictus | Down to Agincourt

Red Belt (All the Feelings that You Feel) | Star Trek: Deep Space Nine



Cities In Dust | Person of Interest



Tell That Devil | Wynonna Earp

I Am the Fire | Wynonna Earp

Something's Happening to Me | Painkiller Jane



remaster of Astolat's Jig of Life (Witchblade)

Half Angel, Half Eagle | Shadow Unit

Something to Sing About | Down to Agincourt



New Number | Person of Interest

Ain't No Grave (Redux) | Person of Interest [Premiered at Vividcon 2016 (Wish You Were Here)]

remaster of LithiumDoll's I'll Be Watching You (Person of Interest)



God's Gonna Cut You Down | Person of Interest

You're the One | Wynonna Earp

God's Got Nothing On You | Down to Agincourt


Total vids: 21 (not including the two remasters)


My favorite video this year (of my own):

‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’. I found it very cathartic to make and I really like how it turned out.

My least favorite video this year:

‘I Am The Fire’  I think this one would have worked better if I had more episodes to work from at the time. I like parts of it, but I also feel like I’ve reusing a lot of the same footage I used in ‘Tell that Devil’

Most successful video:

‘Tell That Devil’, going by YouTube hits (…still not entirely sure how that many people found it) I’m still really proud of how it turned out considering I only had 2 episodes to work with at the time.

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

‘Woman King’ – it’s for a somewhat obscure source, so I this really a surprise (I’m still annoyed the miniseries got cancelled/burned off months later (‘The Assets’, which is on Netflix)). There are things I feel like changing when I rewatch this, but I like how it turned out overall.

Most fun video:

Any of the constructed reality ones (the ones I did for Down to Agincourt and Shadow Unit) – It was fun seeing what I could do with the sources I had on hand.

Video with single sexiest moment:

I kept going back and forth between ‘You’re the One’ and ‘Ain’t No Grave (Redux)’, but I think I’m going to go with Shaw kissing Root in the latter.

Biggest vid fail:

In terms of technical issues such as pixelation, interlacing and/or frame issues ‘Heads Will Roll’ and ‘Resolution Road’.

Hardest video to make:

I got frustrated with a number of these, but I’m going to go with ‘Heads Will Roll’ since it’s the first one I ever made.

Most unintentionally telling video:

Maybe ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’? I was am angry at CBS/ POI showrunners re: various things and I think it shows here.

Things I’ve Learned:

Er, the short answer is ‘how to vid’. I’ve figured out how to use Movie Studio Platinum, more or less, and WM Capture 8.

For 2017:

In no particular order: Finish the remaster I’m working on (and some of the ideas I have in varying degrees of progress (especially the Xena/Lao Ma one)), make at least one vid per month, figure out how to vid video games (I’d love to do something with Dishonored 2 or Jade Empire), possibly revisit ‘Resolution Road’ or ‘Heads Will Roll’.

I also plan to make something for Vividcon (I'd like to attend it as well, but I'm not sure if that that will work logistics/ schedule-wise)


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