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Title: Heart On My Sleeve
Fandom: Black Mirror, Bound, DEBS
Music: Heart on My Sleeve by Mary Lambert
Summary: Getting the girl, the happy ending, and to drive off into the sunset

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Date: 2017-05-08 02:36 am (UTC)
cupidsbow: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cupidsbow
Oh, that is really great. You've pulled out the parallels so well. Sharp cutting that goes well with the song choice. And these women are just so damn watchable.

Related to what we've been talking about in terms of editing effects and tools, I can see what you mean about the sources. If I were beta-ing this, I'd mainly focus on colour and brightness to try and even out the differences between them. But how much you could do would depend on the source with the poorest quality.

Do you want to talk about this more? I don't want to spam you with a bunch of talk about colour and stuff if you'd rather not get into it with this particular vid.

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Date: 2017-05-08 03:49 am (UTC)
cupidsbow: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cupidsbow
Cool. Because I'd love to talk more too.

Here are the things I'd try with sources like this in terms of colour (I'd do pretty much the same with resizing by cropping as you did).

With D.E.B.S. being the weakest source, I'd focus on it as the 'template' and match the others to it.

So first, I'd probably brighten Bound and Black Mirror (with luminance and brighten/contrast tools, and possibly upping saturation just a tidge), so that they look more like D.E.B.S.

And I might also possibly darken and/or desaturate D.E.B.S. a bit, so it looks a bit more like film and less like sitcom colours. But that depends on how well it takes it.

Once they are all at about the same luminance/saturation level, but still with a bit of the gritty darkness to give some texture, you have a blank canvas, so to speak. You could stop with colour here, but I'd consider colour-coding the three strands, or applying a colour theme.

I'd also definitely re-save the project with a new number at this point before experimenting with anything else. Makes it easier to revert if you hate the things you try.

Because D.E.B.S. is the weakest, I'd probably leave it as just slightly darkened and desaturated. If I did add any tinting to D.E.B.S., it would probably just be a tiny tidge of yellow/orange, because sepia tones work even on low quality source.

With Bound, and Black Mirror, I'd probably choose two different primary colours, red and blue, and tint them just slightly. There are several colour tools I could do this with, and I'd play around with it to see which has the best look.

If the colouring worked, the vid overall would have a consistent look and feel because the amount of light and darkness doesn't vary much from clip to clip, but the eye can immediately tell which of the three sources is being shown because of the colour tinting.

The other thing I might try, if the three colour thing looks crap, is applying a colour theme. These are pre-made colour mixes you can download, which usually mimic classic film looks -- some are oversaturated, or faded, or dull all the colours but red, and so on. I've never actually ended up using one of these for a vid, but I've played around with them, and they can be cool. I think it could be fun to try it with sources like this, because if you pick the right one, it could make the whole vid look really cohesive -- all the differences in the three sources smoothed away. It might make it hard for the viewer to track which source they are looking at though, and as comparison is a big part of the vid, I suspect this approach wouldn't work so well for this particular project.

All of these options are made in the editor. There is another option, which is to use AVS filters.

In this case, I'd start with the source visuals, put them through AVSPmod and run different filters on them. This way, you could do some brightening or saturation work on the sources before you start editing, and you could also do things like adding the colour filters here, so that all three sources are evenly coloured with the tints you choose (rather than doing it clip by clip in the editor). Then render the sources into new versions with the filters applied and edit the video with these new files instead of the originals. You could also resize them a bit using this method, so you have less to do on that in the editor.

Anyway, they are the things I'd try with this particular combination or sources. What did you do when you made it, and what were you trying for?

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Date: 2017-05-08 09:23 am (UTC)
cupidsbow: (Default)
From: [personal profile] cupidsbow
I'd love to see the result if you do try it! I think there can stand to be a bunch more lesbians with happy endings. :)

If you try the AVS filters, make sure you look at A&E guide first -- that was how I started using them. It'll really help explain what to do. They have a free software pack that goes with the guide that includes AVSPmod and other neat stuff. I also have a "Making Of" for a vid where I used colour filters a bunch. Let me see if I can find it. Yes, here it is:

I basically colour tinted b&w source to create a vid in almost-colour. Some of it may be useful to you, although you'll be doing different stuff, so it won't be exactly the same.

One thing: using AVS filters is awesome because it affects the whole re-rendered source file, so you don't have to tediously add the effect by hand on each clip in the editor. However, the downside is that it affects the whole re-rendered source file! I find I sometimes have to try a filter and actually render it to really get a sense for how well the footage looks, which can be time-consuming, especially for the heavy filters that make a big change to the look of the footage. Sometimes an effect you think will be good ends up hideous. Sometimes it looks great on some scenes and terrible on others (in which case, you could potentially use a mix of the re-rendered file and the original source file in your editor).

Anyway, there's no harm trying it. You can always go back to the original source file, and make changes in the editor if the AVS option doesn't pan out.

You will probably also need a new portable hard drive, because the AVI files you'll render can be enormous. They actually edit well in Sony Vegas despite the size, I think because they are so clean, and they tend to export well from SV too. But they do take up space. I bought a brand new 2T drive for the Vorkosigan vid, and used three quarters of it for the project. You won't need anything like that much, but it's an issue to be aware of.

Another thing to try: I doubt this will work, because even if you run the AVS filters on the MPEG files, you'll convert them to AVI when you re-render with the filters, so the tinted files would have a different extension. But it might be worth at least trying to see if you can just swap files. That is, call the source files you originally used x-D.E.B.S., and call the tinted file the original name (eg. D.E.B.S. or whatever it was) so that Sony Vegas will display the new files on your timeline in place of the old ones. If it doesn't work, you can just rename the new files to new-D.E.B.S. or something, and take out the "x-" on the original files, and it'll restore them.

Re: using effects for vids other than constructed reality. Ages ago I read a fantastic "Making Of" guide for a vid to Suzanne Vega's Blood Makes Noise, for... was it Lost? Who was it by? It was a really good vidder. Hmmm... a-ha! newkidfan. You might find it interesting. And looking at it again now, it has a whole other method for colouring! That might actually be an even better method for your vid project than either of the ones I mentioned.


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