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Title: Someday
Fandom: Batwoman
Music: Someday by Lesley Gore
Summary: 'someday I'll get where I'm going'
Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] mswyrr for the feedback! This is my first time vidding a still source - the comics I used for this were Batwoman: Elegy and Batwoman: Hydrology.

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I’m using oils for the first time in years (I’m working on a painting of Diana) and it’s going fairly well.

I’m catching up on all the Batman stuff I never saw before. I really like the 1966 show (and movie), and I’m finding the Schumacher films delightfully campy (and they seem like the logical extension of the 1966 show) – the Nolan films are up next).

I’m also working my way through Superman stuff. (I really want to make a vid of the 1952 series - although I need to find a song and/or a specific idea to work with).

I’m also making some progress on a Batwoman vid (working with a still source is an interesting challenge and I’m finding timing stuff more difficult to judge, but I like what I have so far).
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I saw Wonder Woman again yesterday with a friend I went to high school with! It hold up really well to multiple viewings (I can't wait until I can  buy the DVD). We went to a street festival afterwards, and I found a  queer Nancy Drew/Cherry Ames-ish parody at a local bookstore which looks delightful.

I've made progress on Batwoman vid (I kinda need to go and plan this out more than I usually do)


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